Faux Jade PendantFaux Jade Pendant
Designed by Cindi McGee – Behind These Eyes™


  • Makin’s Clay® (www.makins-usa.com)
    • White 60g
    • Round Clay Cutters 
    • Clay Tools 
    • Cutting Mat
  • DecoArt®(www.decoart.com)            
    •  Americana® Acrylic
      • Hauser GreenLight
      • Plantation Pine
    • Americana® Multi-Surface Satin™
      • Turf Green
  • JudiKins™ (www.judikins.com
    • Clay Squisher – “Japan”
    • Diamond Glaze™
  • Straw, red satin cording 


  1. Begin mixing white Makin’s Clay® with DecoArt® Turf Green and Hauser Green Light acrylic paint (about a nickel sized amount of each color). Do not mix entirely – you want there to be slight marbling of the colors. Add a small drop of DecoArt® Plantation Pine paint and mix in lightly, again marbling the darker green paint.

Faux Jade How To 1

  1. Use Clay Roller to roll clay to about 1/4”. Place onto JudiKins™ Clay Squisher over desired pattern and roll again lightly to impress pattern onto clay.
  2. Use largest circle cutter from 3 piece set and cut circle from impressed clay.

Faux Jade How To 2Faux Jade How To 3

  1. Smooth edges of circle with fingers. Use straw to cut hole in center of clay circle.
  2. Apply JudiKins™ Diamond Glaze™ to front and sides. Let dry, apply to back. Let dry and add red satin cording.

Faux Jade How To 4

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