Vintage mason jar lid coasters

Vintage Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Designed by Cindi Bisson 
While browsing antique shops during recent trip to the Amish Country in Pennsylvania I found a bucket full of vintage Mason jar lids turned into coasters. I thought it was a very clever option for coasters for those of us who enjoy adding vintage pieces of the past to our country decor. Luckily, I had found some vintage zinc lids at a flea market for just $1 each, so I had a stash to work with. If you don’t have access to vintage lids, you can achieve a similar patina on new galvanized lids (or any galvanized metal!) by soaking them in toilet bowl cleaner (yes…. it’s true!) I found these coasters online in a variety of places but the prices were actually quite high in my opinion – I like having the option to make them myself for about $1 each! 
  1. Trace top of mason jar onto cork sheet (if you don’t have a mason jar, then print a template to trace to fit the inner dimension of the lid). 
  2. Cut out cork circle.
  3. Ink KellyCraft EZ-De’s monogram stamp with Clearsnap Deep Woods Crafter’s Ink and stamp onto center of cork circle.

Vintage mason jar lid coasters HOW 1

  1. Apply Beacon 527 to back of cork circle, place in bottom of lid and let dry. Your coasters are now ready to use!  

Vintage mason jar lid coasters HOW 2

  1. To bundle sets of 4 for gift giving, tie with jute twine. Another fun option is to fill a vintage mason jar with drink mixes (or home-made ice tea mix), and give it along with the coasters.  A bit of jute twine wrapped around the top of the jar holds a Loew-Cornell TransformMason wooden house shaped tag with a fun message written with a colored pencil.Vintage mason jar lid coasters HOW 3

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