Crochet Dress Up Cover

Book Review – Crochet Dress Up

Crochet Dress Up Cover
Reviewed by Cindi Bisson
Crochet Dress Up by Emma Friedlander-Collins shares over 35 creative costume pieces for both boys and girls – what makes them totally unique is that they are all crocheted!  They are soft, clever, whimsical, and would be a wonderful way to inspire creative play.   
What a wonderful gift a set of these crochet costumes would be for a grandchild, or even a  classroom or day care center.  The fact that the pieces are soft, stretch to fit a variety of sizes, don’t contain small bits and pieces that can be broken off or lost, and are washable makes them even more appealing for situations where multiple children might be joining in the fun.  
Emma Friedlander-Collins highlights each project with full color photos and stepped out instructions for the reader to recreate the pieces.  Ms. Friedlander-Collins states that many of the pieces are quick to create making them a great option for a last minute costume need.   Along with the projects and instructions, there is a helpful section on basic crochet techniques  for those who may be beginners and are ready to start their crochet adventure.  The projects within the book can be mixed and matched to create many different costumes, or the child can choose to just wear one special piece or play with one special accessory.   There are adorable animals, fantastical creatures like fairies and unicorns, super heroes and adventure heroes, fairy tale characters and more.   
Crochet Dress Up Pirate
If you enjoy the art of crochet and are looking for a totally unique way to create fun pieces that are sure to bring enjoyment to children’s play time, then this book would be a good addition to your creative library.
Crochet Dress Up by Emma Friedlander-Collins is published by CICO BOOKS –  Softcover, 128 pages.  MSRP $19.99 

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